Ta-Da Coat (Burda 11/2010 #147)

I made a coat for my niece for Christmas.  Actually,  two coats.

Pink fleece for the wearable muslin, in this photo she is yelling “ta-da”.  I love the striped leggings.

The pink fleece is a 2 yard piece bought from Joanne’s in Colma a few years ago on a late night fabric run.  I was going to copy an overpriced yoga wrap* but never got around to it.  Matching buttons are from StoneMountain.

The actual version, purple corduroy with floral print, from Fabric Mart several years ago.  I lined with dark purple poly satin from the half price section at StoneMountain, and the buttons are from StoneMountain.

Technical drawing:

And here it is on her.

I think she rivals the Burda model for cuteness:

*Here’s the yoga wrap I never got around to sewing.  I found some organic cotton fleece at Discount Fabrics I liked, might be good for this.  I made a mockup out of forest green fleece which came out too butch for my taste.  Of course, I probably should take up regular yoga participation to rationalize the wrap.

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